Success Stories for Professionals

Case Study – Healthcare Startup

A healthcare startup in NYC, addressing the needs of the pre-diabetic population, created a digital version of the Center for Disease Control’s screening regimen. This enabled patients to monitor their diet and exercise levels from the comfort of their own homes. The digital program proved to be user friendly and lead to sustainable weight loss and overall improved health. 

The startup spent millions of dollars on standard marketing efforts targeting physicians who understood the benefits of the intuitive technology. Along the way they raised a significant amount of capital from medical professionals. However, they still required more funding to build out their program.

That all changed when they discovered Self Directed IRAs. When onboarding investors, they asked a simple question: “Would you also like to invest your IRA money into the fund?”

It’s now three years later and they’ve raised millions of dollars from hundreds of IRAs. The fundraising model was beneficial all around: it helped them reach their capital raising goals while providing an IRA diversification strategy to their investors.

Case Study – Real Estate Partnership

In March of 2016, a real estate partnership in California contacted Madison Trust Company. They were familiar with the concept of Self Directed IRAs and had already set up many accounts with a different custodian. However, they were frustrated with lengthy processing times and delays in asset valuation updates. 

Madison Trust assumed custody of their Self Directed IRAs and provided them with peace of mind by expertly processing transactions on time, or ahead of schedule.

Now, they have absolutely no doubt that their 100+ IRA investors (with a combined account value of tens of millions of dollars) are in the best hands.

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