The Ultimate Resource Guide for Seniors and Their Families

Written by: Daniel Gleich

Throughout people’s lives, they experience significant transitions. People go to school, graduate, start careers, change careers, and gain and lose family members. Inevitably, people experience changes in financial circumstances and the loss of some loved ones and relationships. Senior citizens often experience many changes. Many retire from careers and have to craft a life that isn’t as focused on working every day. Their financial circumstances change as they transition from living off of their salaries to living off of investments and Social Security. Some move out of their longtime homes as well. These changes can feel overwhelming, but there are strategies that can help seniors and their families deal with these changes.

Budgeting and Retirement Resources for Seniors

Many seniors undergo a significant change in regard to their relationship with money. They’ve left their careers and are transitioning to living off of the savings and investments they built during their working years. For many elderly people, this is a cause of stress. They worry about spending down their investments and not having enough money for the end of their lives. But with a bit of planning, this can be avoided.

Entertainment and Hobbies for Seniors

Even seniors who still hold a paying job usually work fewer hours than they did at the height of their working years. That means the senior years are an excellent time for exploring new hobbies and spending more time on hobbies acquired over the years. Hobbies aren’t just a way to pass time: They give seniors a sense of purpose and even help them make new friends or explore their communities.

Fitness for Seniors

Keeping fit is one of the best ways for seniors to hold onto a high quality of life. Not only will this help them extend their lifespan, but it will also help them live healthier years, which means fewer medical bills along the way. Seniors should check with their physicians before starting a new exercise regimen, of course. However, many parks departments and gyms offer classes and activities specifically designed for senior citizens. This makes it safe for older people to take up new workout routines or even try new sports!

Health Care Resources for Seniors

Health care is challenging for many people and is especially challenging for seniors. Older adults who move must cope with replacing their entire team of health professionals. Even seniors who don’t move often must deal with their doctors retiring. Finding a doctor who takes their insurance and listens can feel challenging. Many older adults transition their primary health care to a gerontologist. Gerontology is a field of medicine that focuses on the unique needs of older adults.

Home Modifications for Seniors

Many older adults want to age in place in their homes. However, a home purchased at 25, 35, or 45 might not suit the needs of an adult who’s 75 or older. Stairs, both inside and outside of the home, are an issue for many older adults. Bathrooms are another issue: As people age, stepping over the side of a bathtub to take a shower can present a big slip-and-fall risk. Luckily, there are many different types of home modifications available that make aging in place feasible.

Senior Discounts and Coupons

Part of maximizing savings and investments is watching for chances to save money. Luckily, many corporations, mom-and-pop establishments, and even government programs offer discounts or special coupons to senior citizens. These programs can help seniors afford to socialize with friends and family at restaurants and other places, save money on groceries, and even purchase supplies for their hobbies!

Additional Aging Resources