Our Team


Brian Finkelstein - Madison Trust Company, Chairman & Shareholder

E. Brian FinkelsteinChairman and Shareholder

E. Brian Finkelstein brings to Madison Trust over thirty years of experience in global financial markets. Previously he has served as President and CEO of Helix Financial Systems, a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald. There he managed the development of systems successfully marketed and sold to major financial institutions. Before that he was the Managing Director of Global Finance Operations at UBS. At UBS he developed the global repo and money market business into one of the strongest financing operations on Wall Street. As a leader in financial operational management, Mr. Finkelstein provides expert oversight for Madison Trust’s financial and sales infrastructure.

Daniel Gleich - Madison Trust Company, President, Bard Member & Shareholder

Daniel GleichCEO & President, Board Member, and Shareholder

Daniel Gleich brings to Madison Trust over twenty-five years of entrepreneurial experience. As a hands-on President and CEO, Mr. Gleich is responsible for setting the vision, tone, and culture of our organization. Leveraging his keen financial acumen, entrepreneurial know-how, and creativity, Mr. Gleich is constantly propelling Madison Trust forward and maintaining its position at the forefront of the financial services industry. Additionally, Mr. Gleich is the driving force behind Madison Trust’s amazing “employee-first” culture. Leveraging his extensive training from Disney Institute, Stephen Covey’s 7-Habits, (Taking Flight with) DISC, Kim Scott’s Radical Candor, and Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence, Mr. Gleich has infused his passion for training into all departments at Madison Trust. As a result, our employees intentionally and consistently display the behaviors that support our culture of caring, collaborating, improving, and empowering. It is Mr. Gleich’s firm belief that happy employees lead to happy clients which lead to happy shareholders (in that order). Mr. Gleich’s vision and hard work has transformed Madison Trust into the industry’s highest-rated custodian.

Mervyn Klein - Madison Trust Company, CEO, Board Member & Shareholder

Mervyn KleinBoard Member and Shareholder

Mervyn Klein brings to Madison Trust more than three decades of experience in the real estate sector. A founding partner of LMS Realty, he was responsible for transforming the historic American Can Factory into a thriving hub for the creative arts. As a principal in Hudson Development LLC, he developed the Anheuser-Busch Distribution Facility. Under the banner of MK Read and Company, he served as a technological business consultant bringing together tech savvy startups with industrial leaders like Lucent-Bell. Mr. Klein’s acuity in accessing business climate and personality has helped bring Madison Trust to the forefront of the self-directed retirement industry.

Jim Riswold

Jim RiswoldBoard Member

Mr. Riswold has 25 years of experience in the financial services and trust industry. He started his career in the accounting department of the First National Bank in Sioux Falls. A year and a half later he transferred to the trust department where he went on to become the Vice President and Manager of the Trust Operations Division. While at the bank he also served as a member of the Trust Executive Committee, the Trust Review Committee, the Bank Operations Committee, and the Bank Strategic Technology Committee. Mr. Riswold served there until his departure in 2002 to participate in the formation of Corundum Trust Company. As a founding member of Corundum, he served as its Chief Operating Officer and a member of the Board. He earned his CTFA designation in July of 2005. Mr. Riswold has also participated in the formation of four other trust companies in South Dakota for whom he also served as a director. 

David Timpe

David TimpeCPA, Board Member

Mr. Timpe, a South Dakota resident, retired as a partner in a large regional CPA firm. Due to his extensive financial experience, he’s been called upon to provide interim executive leadership to a number of different organizations. This included serving as the Interim CFO of a start-up internet advertising company, five different Midwestern healthcare facilities, and a telemedicine company. He has also served as the interim CEO of a Midwestern Hospital and School. Currently he serves on a number of Boards in the financial, healthcare, and real estate arenas. 

What Employees Love About Madison Trust

Department Managers

Gina Stoddard

Gina StoddardChief of Staff

As Chief of Staff, Gina has multiple responsibilities that collectively keep Madison Trust Company running smoothly. Gina serves as the liaison between our President/CEO and his senior management team. Gina serves as a confidant and advisor to our President/CEO, acting as a sounding board for ideas. Additionally, Gina heads our recruiting/interviewing team and is responsible for coordinating our training and team building events. By deeply understanding our company’s culture, Gina leads by example and personifies our culture of Caring, Collaborating, Improving, and Empowering. Gina’s can-do attitude is contagious, never afraid to tackle what comes her way, and always doing so with her trademark smile and cheerful demeanor. Prior to joining Madison Trust Company, she served as Marketing Manager at Primary Financial and has over 10 years of experience in the financial industry.

Charles Knopf - Madison Trust Company, Director of Operations

Charles KnopfDirector of Operations, Chief Compliance Officer

Mr. Knopf’s extensive Self Directed IRA experience and considerable talent are reflected in every facet of our organization. Charles’ focus is on addressing emerging trends while ensuring that our existing processes are top of the line. With 5 years of employment in the Self Directed IRA space, attendance at countless industry events, and CISP, AML/BSA certifications, Charles leverages his IRA know-how to make Madison Trust Company the industry leader that it is. 

Helen Hong - Madison Trust Company, Controller


Ms. Hong is the voice of financial acumen within Madison Trust. With over 15 years’ experience, she comes to Madison after having served as the Director of Accounting Operations at Total Care Rx. Currently she oversees Madison’s bookkeeping, payroll, and onboarding for new hires. Ms. Hong also serves as the personal adviser to President Daniel Gleich on all financial matters. 

Brianna Avillo

Brianna AvilloManager of Marketing Department

Ms. Avillo is honored to serve as Manager of the Marketing Department at Madison Trust Company. She has three years of experience providing innovative marketing solutions to help companies bring their mission to the world. With her uplifting and encouraging attitude, she provides purpose, direction, and motivation to her team. Her daily responsibilities include leading marketing projects, coordinating resources, and setting project quality and performance standards. She also reports project outcomes and/or risks to the appropriate management channels as needed in order to ensure maximum performance.  


Sheya WeidbergManager of Software Team

Mr. Weidberg joined the Broad Financial/Madison Trust Company Team in June of 2017, and is proud to serve as the Manager of the Software Team. He brings six years of experience in software development expertise to the team. His daily focus includes coordinating development projects to ensure that the department is working efficiently, as well as fostering an environment of collaboration and communication between his team members. 


Dana UdumullaManager of Investments Team

Ms. Udumulla joined Madison Trust Company in February 2020. As Manager of the Investments and Compliance Department, she currently oversees her team of specialists and works constantly on improving processes for better departmental procedures. She is keen on streamlining investment procedures as well as exploring new investment ventures for the future. She strives to promote a positive, caring and collaborating environment, fitting in perfectly with Madison’s company culture. Dana recently earned her Master of Financial Analysis and is currently pursuing her level one CFA Certification. 

Jacqueline Vermeylen

Jacqueline VermeylenManager of Support Team

Ms. Vermeylen brings exceptional leadership and client relations experience to her role. As the Manager of the Support Team, her goals include providing transparency with all matters involving our clients’ retirement funds and ensuring a productive client experience. Her responsibilities include monitoring daily workflow and enhancing team efficiency. Her primary focus is coaching her team of IRA specialists to ensure they are equipped to provide accurate information and outstanding customer service. Jacqueline takes pride in her team of dedicated specialists and encourages open communication in line with Madison Trust Company’s culture. 

Liam Stewart, Transfers Department Manager

Liam StewartManager of Transfers Team

Mr. Stewart joined Madison Trust Company in 2018 and now serves as the Manager of the Transfers Team. Liam brings strong leadership experience and has a vast knowledge of the financial services industry. His team is an integral part of each client’s incoming transfer process. Some of his responsibilities include ensuring all transfer requests are in good order and sent out in a timely manner, engaging with other custodians, and improving the overall process to provide every client with a smooth transfer of cash and/or assets into their account. Everyday Liam leads by example and is never afraid to tackle what comes his way, which in turn motivates his team and creates an empowering environment.