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Education is important for Self Directed IRA investors. This is a new venture for most account holders, and it’s not one that is covered in standard financial planning articles. The more you can know about how Self Directed IRA accounts work, as well as the specifics of your chosen asset, the more competent your investing will be. Here are a number of resources that can help top off your knowledge base.


Frequently Asked Questions are always a good first read when getting educated. They hit a lot of beginner points and help orient your thinking in moving forward.

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The Madison blog is a great source of information when you need more detail on a specific topic. It also helps orient investment thinking in light of current events.

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Comparison Calculator

Madison’s Comparison Calculator is a unique tool that you will only find here. It allows users to compare the top Self Directed IRA custodians, both in terms of ratings and expected fees.

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Holidays Observed

This is a quick reference list to know when the Madison offices are open.

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