When you purchase or sell assets with your Self Directed IRA, it’s important to do so properly. This will ensure that the assets retain their proper legal standing. Here are instructions for the most common scenarios:

How To Sell Real Estate from Your IRA

There are just a few steps required to sell real estate from your IRA. Find out what documents are required to close on your property, how to list the seller on each form, and how the overall process of selling real estate from your IRA works.  

How To Invest Your IRA into an IRA LLC 

An IRA LLC is best for time-sensitive and transaction-heavy investments, as it enables real-time access to your funds. Discover what documents are required to open and invest through an IRA LLC as well as where Madison Trust plays a role in the investment process.  

How To Invest Your IRA (as a Minority Owner) into an LLC 

Investing in a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a popular investment instrument and involves ownership interest in a private company that is not traded on a stock exchange. Learn what documents are required to invest in an LLC and what Madison Trust’s role is in the process. 

How To Invest Your IRA in a Private Placement 

Are you looking to invest in an LLC, private equity fund, hedge fund, startup, small business, or another type of company outside of Wall Street? Madison Trust’s streamlined investment process makes it easier than ever to invest your IRA money into a privately held business. View the process below.   

How To Issue a Secured Loan from an IRA 

With a Self Directed IRA you can invest with promissory notes by loaning money to emerging companies and small businesses. Notes provide IRA investors an exact return on their investment and a stable revenue stream. Refer to the step-by-step instructions and supporting document required to issue a secured loan from an IRA. 

How To Issue a Loan from Your IRA 

Promissory note investments yield predictable and often above market returns, making it alluring to many IRA investors. Madison Trust makes it easy to issue a loan with retirement funds. Follow the step-by-step instructions explaining how to prepare your Promissory Note and the additional documents required. 

How To Use Your IRA to Buy Real Estate 

The most popular alternative investment purchased with a Self Directed IRA is real estate due to its high growth potential and stable returns. Verify how to purchase real estate from your IRA, including the process for the earnest money and closing instructions on our easy-to-read flowchart below.  

How To Invest in Precious Metals with a Gold IRA

Are you looking to invest in something tangible, like Gold, Silver, or other precious metals? Madison Trust’s Self Directed Gold IRA gives you the freedom to do just that. You can review our step-by-step process by downloading the flowchart below.  

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