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Madison Trust is committed to enhancing your relationship with your investors by providing a flawless Self Directed IRA experience.

We understand that there’s no room for error when it comes to your investor’s retirement funds and have implemented the necessary measures to ensure that every transaction is executed flawlessly on (or ahead) of schedule. Your fund will be assigned a dedicated representative who will be familiar with your fund’s preferences, creating a seamless flow between your investors, their IRA money, and your fund.

When your investors contact Madison Trust, they will speak to a reliable and knowledgeable member of our team. Madison’s support staff is comprised of CISP trained professionals so that your clients receive accurate and efficient support, whenever they call. Establishing a Self Directed IRA may seem overwhelming to your investors. Our highly trained and friendly staff is there to help them every step of the way.

Our low, flat rate fees will incentivize your investors to move past market-based products towards broader investment options like your fund. Madison Trust charges $50 to set up an account, and $90 per quarter to maintain. Each of your investors will be charged the same annual fee, regardless of the amount in their IRA. To see the impact of our flat rate pricing vs asset-based pricing employed by other custodians, review the diagram or calculator below:

Annual Fee Comparison

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Madison Trust’s “fundraising toolbox” is a free resource available to Investment Sponsors seeking to educate their investors about Self Directed IRAs. You can take advantage of these free marketing materials, thereby increasing your investor’s awareness about Self Directed IRAs. Investors are treated to compelling information about diversifying their retirement portfolios into alternatives like your fund. Learn about how funds like yours have raised tens of millions of dollars from their investors’ retirement accounts:

To learn more how Madison customizes its process to accommodate the specific needs of each Fund Manager, feel free to call 800-721-4900.

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